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This and That
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Got a poem or a song that you would like to share? On this page I would like to post different poems, stories, testimonies, etc., so "dig'em out" and put them in an email and we will get them on here for you. Be sure to state in your email whether or not you want your name posted with what you send.

I will "get the ball rolling" with a couple that I wrote myself, back in 2003. I hope you enjoy them.


He Chose Me
My God has chosen me - I don't know His perfect plan;
I don't know His reasons; I can't begin to understand;
all that He has in store for me or where he'd have me go,
But I must do what He asks me to do- for He has chosen me, I know.
I'm not a "perfect Christian",
 I'm not even worthy of His name
But apparently He saw something,
cause He loves me just the same!
How many times did I run away,
and turn my back on Him,
unable or unwilling to give in to His call;
He could have said, "Forget it!
You're not worth it! Just go on!"
But He didn't, and I'm so thankful for his mercy
and His patience that kept me through it all.
Many times I tried to be
what I thought He wanted me to,
but I'd just mess it up again, and fall flat on my face
in shame and confusion, once more I'd run away
But God just kept on waiting, cause He knew
there'd come the day
I'd turn around and realize
it had to be His way.
I couldn't do it on my own,
in myself I can do nothing--
but if I'll just be still and willing to listen to His call,
through this ugly worthless vessel,
 My God will do it ALL!


copyright 2003 by Joyce Nash


Will You Be There?
When our time here has ended,
and all the saints have gone,
to live forever with Jesus,
will you be there?
So many loved ones will be waiting
to meet us in that place
of perfect peace and love and joy
I can't wait to see each face!
Grandpa will be radiant
I can almost hear him say,
"y'all come on in and sing my song--
'That Unclouded Day' "
There's Mama and Papa and so many more
can't you just feel their excitement
as they peep out Heaven's door?
They're watching for each loved one
to step inside the gate,
and shouting toward the Master's table,
"Hey, set another plate!!"
The reunion will be magnificent, but more than that, you see
My Jesus will be waiting -- Especially for me!!
What a marvelous time we're gonna have,
no tears, no pain, no more bondage or care,
He's waiting for you as well, you know--
Will you be there?

copyright 2003 by Joyce Nash


This poem was submitted  by Allan Bingham, a very dear friend and loving member of Full Life Ministries, who has since gone on home to be with the Lord.  We miss you Poppa!!!! We will always love you.
 Each Day

   A new year just beginning,
   Each day a fresh, new start,
   To fulfill your hopes
   And pursue the dreams
   Sustained within your heart.

   Put God in charge;
   He'll plant the seeds
   Of affection, love and care.
   Like a garden, your life will grow
   With kindness flowering there.

   And as you face the wonder
   Of each day's mysteries,
   You'll see God's hand
   Unfolding, daily, possibilities!

   And as each day comes to a close,
   Dream a dream or two,
   Then with a prayer thank dear God
   For each day given to you.
                Poet, Gael Phaneuf

(submitted by "Poppa" Bingham on January1,2008)


If you enjoyed these, drop me an email and let me know, or sign the guest book on the homepage. And do send me some of your own that you would like to share. God bless you!

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